Church Plants

Wabinyira House of Prayer

Wabinyira House of Prayer Church was started in February 1998, in this previously unreached village.  Just like the parable of the mustard seed in scripture, this church plant that started off with two believers and a pastor has grown both numerically and spiritually to become the mother Church of the FFCM vision of establishing and strengthening 10 Church plants in rural Uganda.

Madudu House of Prayer

Madudu house of prayer church is a church plant that was pioneered by Wabinyira house of prayer church and is located at Madudu village, Kawolo sub-county, Mukono district in the nation of Uganda.  This church plant was started on April 17th 2005 and is a result of prayer. For the first three months following the planting of this work , the church held all its services under a tree.

Kanalaki House of Prayer

Kanalaki house of prayer church was begun in April 2004 in a predominantly pastoral (livestock-rearing) community. Kanalaki is in the Rakai district of Uganda which is considered the epicenter for the HIV epidemic in East Africa. The church is located about 2 kilometers off the main road accessible by foot, motorcycle or 4 wheel drive vehicle.  In April of 2007 the church members were able to purchase land with a gift from Heritage Baptist of Annapolis MD.   A grass roofed church was built on this land.  The original church grass roofed church structure was replaced in 2008 with a larger metal roof building.

Bugyero House of Prayer

In July of 2009 the Lord enabled us to plant a new work in a previously unreached village called Bugyero. On our visit to spy out the land, three people came to the Lord!   This new work has two pastors and 25 adults already attending.

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