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Mary Cooney’s Visit to Bugyero

The little village is in the midst of banana groves, with flowering trees here and there. Lots of green. We sat on living room chairs that had been brought outdoors for us. A tarp, tied with banana leaves had been stretched out to provide shade, and we looked out at all the expectant faces who had come not to see a show or be fed, but to hear God’s Word. Amazing. There they were, dressed in their brightest and best, the children even had shoes on! This was a special day for them!

After Kyle and Jerry Lites had both shared, the Chairman of the village stood up to speak. He told how when they first wanted to put a church in his village he had said “Okay,” but he would be watching them. He knew a church would help him keep the bad elements in his village under control. He knew a church was good for a community. Now, after watching Pastor Sandy live and work the chairman is so impressed with Pastor Sandy’s life, his words, his actions, his attitudes, that the chairman knows “that God is with Pastor Sandy.” It was quite a testimony and I just pray that God will continue to do amazing things in the lives and hearts of all those people.

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