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FFCM Special Needs

Acquisition of Ministry Land for large-scale agriculture. Child sponsorship program for orphaned and very needy children. Purchase of land for Ministry offices and Masembe family home. Restock and boost ministry poultry project. Completion of the Wabinyira House of Prayer Church building

Praying at the Altar of God, for our Community

I (Cyprian) was by the grace of God given the responsibility by fellow pastors in our community to co-ordinate a community prayer group. By the leading of God, we have since instituted a network of prayer warriors consisting of 30 local Churches. Every two weeks, on a Saturday morning, we spend at least six hours in prayer and […]

Update from Cyprian

Thanks for all that you are continually doing for us, Mike Mcvay just e-mailed me about how the team just got done on presenting their Africa (Uganda) report. We are so grateful for all that you are continually doing in helping missionaries all over the world and including us in the lord’s work out here […]


Please pray for Cyprian and Margaret who recently suffered from a bout of Malaria.  They are doing better now. We are also searching for a plot of land to purchase for hosing and a ministry center.  There are several good plots available and we hope we can raise the funds soon.

Mary Cooney’s Visit to Bugyero

The little village is in the midst of banana groves, with flowering trees here and there. Lots of green. We sat on living room chairs that had been brought outdoors for us. A tarp, tied with banana leaves had been stretched out to provide shade, and we looked out at all the expectant faces who […]