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Update from Cyprian

Thanks for all that you are continually doing for us, Mike Mcvay just e-mailed me about how the team just got done on presenting their Africa (Uganda) report. We are so grateful for all that you are continually doing in helping missionaries all over the world and including us in the lord’s work out here in the villages of Uganda.

Back here we are busy with the work of the ministry, trying our best at making disciples, while reaching out to the lost at the same time. We are also pretty busy trying to translate some Bible study lessons covering important Biblical doctrines from English into Luganda for use by members of our Pastoral and teaching team.
Our family is fine with the kids all around as they are now on the first school term holiday.
Members of the team are fine for the most part. Slyvia, pastor Moses wife was hospitalized a few days ago, but was later discharged, after her condition improved.

We are also faced with a need for new tires for our pick up truck, which would cost about the equivalent of 500 dollars. The van too requires to have new ball joints replace the worn out ones and some mechanical repair of about the equivalent of 150 dollars.

Our ministry at this time is committed to organize our Pastor and their Wives retreat and help some needy children with school fees come next term which begins about the third week of May 2010.

Thank you for always being their to help us as we try to reach our communities for Christ.
Send our love and greetings to the entire Church family at Hessel.
God bless you.
Your friend and Co-worker,

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